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October 05, 2022
The Awesome Quote of the day.

Confuse them with your silence and amaze them with your actions.

The Cool Idea of the day.

💡 A screenshot app that automatically blurs personal data.

Life tip
Life tip of the day.

Our brain is not designed to make us happy in the future. As soon as we achieve goal X, or good thing Y happens to us, our brain works to bring us back to homeostasis. Fantasizing about future happiness is a trap. Happiness can only be found by being grateful in the present moment.

Oh Wow!
Amazing video of the day.
Cool Creator
Cool creator of the day.



Startup of the Day
Top Startup of the day.
Vanilo Cloud

E-commerce Cloud Platform

Book to Read
Book of the day.

Courage Is Calling: Fortune Favors the Brave

Wikipedia article of the day.

Freedom Convoy is a protest in Canada against COVID vaccine requirements. The truck convoys converged on Ottawa on January 29, 2022. The convoy has been condemned by trucking industry groups.

Useful Website
Useful website from the world wide web.

– explore beautiful cities, landmarks and orbit the world in 3D from the comfort of your browser.

Advice of the day.

Keep it simple.

Documentary Tube
Documentary of the day.

The Most Powerful Computers You've Never Heard Of (2021) [00:20:12]

It's whats happening in crypto.
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Lets find you something to do.

Learn how to iceskate or rollerskate

Brain Pill
Learn something new everyday.

TIL that the Magic Eraser has no chemical solvents in it. Instead it is a special foam with super sharp microscopic edges that basically scrapes off dirt.

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